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After painting dozens of rainbows at the paining centre in elementary school my teacher came up to me and asked me "Why are you painting a rainbow." I responded to her "Well, I can DO rainbows."

I can still remember the feeling in school of reverting to drawing the same thing over and over again, I had other ideas of what I wanted to draw or paint in my mind, but whenever I tried to do them they were never like I imagined. I stayed clear of drawing animals and people because they brought the most disappointment. I would watch my classmates draw beautiful characters and cartoon style images but I was too nervous to try. I can remember being very proud of my rainbow drawings, I preferred drawing them ending mid way, more in an arc than a semi-circle because I found those too tricky.

I began thinking of my fear of drawing again when I began teaching. Seeing students draw and write about the same topic for days, staying with what was familiar to them, and I wanted to create opportunities for my students to learn how to draw a variety of things and have success in their work. That is when Miss Elephant's Store began!

I have taught for 6 years now, Grades K-3, and I have to say my favourite thing to do with these young learners is art. I enjoy exposing them to quality materials and careful instruction so they can build skills and confidence as young artist. It's amazing what a good quality brush and paper will do for a student's ability. I hope you enjoy exploring my products and that you find them helpful as you inspire and connect with your students! Happy Drawing! :)

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