Lesson Planner

I love looking at pictures of nature and colour, they bring me a sense of calm and relaxation. I made this lesson planner to bring some calm and beauty into my busy teacher life. I hope you enjoy flipping through the pages and smile when you look at each beautiful image taken by some amazing photographers.

This product is available as is for those who like to print things out and write by hand. There is also the option to open an editable version and customize it according to your schedule. With the editable version you  can also duplicate slides to add extra note pages, student checklists or weekly lesson plans.


Included in the Lesson Planner:

4 Cover Options

4 Pages for Notes

40 double page lesson plans

8 Pages Student Checklists

40 Week Lesson Planner
4 Cover Options
Yearly Overview
Editable Pages
Beautiful Pictures
Student Checklists
Note Pages

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